Hey! So Glad You're Here.

It is nice meeting you! So you probably want to hear more about me, right?

Let start. 

I was born and raised in Slovenia, the little country on the sunny side of the Alps. I still love it very very much and all of my family and friends live there, but it's too small for me in terms of what I want to achieve in my life. I finished University there and got my bachelor's degree in Marketing Communications and PR. In the meantime, I worked for an advertising agency in the capital city called Ljubljana.

Since I was a little girl I was always traveling a lot with my family and then later with my friends. Learning about new cultures, trying different food, and meeting new people was always my thing. In 2018 I decided that it would be a good time to visit my friend in Chicago and that trip basically changed everything. I wanted to come back and find a job there. My dreams came true and after 6 longs months of applying to different jobs, I started an internship with a digital agency and finally moved to Windy City. Also (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) my friend from Chicago became my life partner and right now we're having the time of our life together!

After 7 months in Chicago, me and my partner decided that we want to move back to Europe and be closer to our families. Finding a job in Germany was a big challenge for me, mostly because I don't know the language very well but I managed to find a marketing position in a B2B company. So now we're living in Heidenheim, a cute little town in Baden-Württemberg and we're doing just fine. I have been living as an expat for more than 1,5 years now and I already have a lot of exciting stories that I want to share with all of you.


Few other things about me: I LOVE LASAGNA and seafood. My current favorite music artist is Khalid and my favorite TV-series is of course...Game of Thrones. 

Hope you will enjoy reading this blog and if you need any extra advice or you just want to say Hi, you can find me on social media or contact me via email (livingexpatlife@gmail.com).